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Friday, March 31, 2006


So, they're making a Scary Movie 4.  I figured after the last one they wouldn't make anymore.  I'm getting off topic.  I saw the trailer while I was watching TV tonight and guess who is in the movie?  Dr.Phil.  That's right, Mr. Straight shooter, country boy himself, Dr.Phil.  At first, I thought it was kinda funny, maybe a little desperate.  But then I got to thinking, what is Dr.Phil doing in this movie.  He is always going on and on about how people need to have good morals and be good role models for their kids etc. etc.  So what is he doing being in a movie that is obviously going to have crude humor, adult situations, and sexuality?  Being a good role model for the kids I suppose.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Emo Kids

So while we were at the Scottsdale Mall for spring break I saw these 3 emo kids.  We were eating at the time so I just ignored them and made a mental note.  But while I was eating I got to thinking.   I have never seen any emo kids as stereotypical as these.  I'm sure I've seen emo kids before but not like these.  They had the dark clothes, eyeliner, and heavily gelled hair covering part of their faces.  After realizing this, I started watching them ... kinda like watching an animal at the zoo you'd never seen before.  So here I was eating and watching some emo kids when one get up and grabs a flower off another table.  (It's the Scottsdale Mall they have things like that).  Anywhoo, this kid goes and takes this flower to another kid who accepts it.  I think they were both guys, the 3rd kid I believe was a girl but she wasn't a part of this spectacle.  So this guy has this flower in his hand and what does he do?  He eats the petals off.  Yes, so I am sitting eating dinner and watching some emo kid eat the petals off of some flower(a carnation maybe?).  And what did I take away from this?  The knowledge that emo kids are weird.