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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Move

For those of you who didn't know, I had to make a side trip to San Diego on my way to Phoenix.  Apparently, it is too hot to land in Phoenix with animals, so we landed in San Diego and drove the 5 hrs to the East Valley.  Now this was not an ordinary drive.  It started in busy San Diego with 12 lane curvy highways. Its kinda tough to navigate when you haven't ever been to the place before, but anyway I did catch my exits and left the city.  Next on my little adventure were mountains.  These were by no means huge mountains but there were a couple of times where the road went over some large crevices.  This wouldn't be so bad but they were doing construction on a number of them.  Two lanes over a couple hundred feet drop is not cool.  Anyway, we got out of the mountains and were in the desert.  It wasn't much to see, a lot of sand and dirt and it was pretty flat.  I was actually at sea level for a while.  At some point though, I did run into something I had never seen before.  Sand dunes.  There was about a 5 mile stretch of highway where there were sand dunes next to the highway.  It was kinda weird too because sand was blowing across the road.  In any event, we did make it and have found a house and got our stuff moved in (finally).


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