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Friday, July 29, 2005


So I occasionally go around on the internet and look for things I want to buy, usually in the future after I get a real job.  Anyway, I think I found the home adio system I want to get.  When I do get one it may be an upgraded version of this one since blu-ray or hd-dvd will probably have more than 5.1 audio.  The makers of this system are out of Canada.  The company is called Axiom.  They are a direct to consumer company so we the public do not have to pay the middleman and can get better equipment for less.  Their 5.1 audio system is $3681 and their 7.1 system is $4851.  It may sound like alot but its pretty resonable if your looking to drop some money into your home audio.  For the price, you are getting a much better system as well. Not that my decision is final because someone may come along who is better, but I will deffintly be keeping an eye on this company.  Here is the link to the review. Right Here

Had a Bad Day Again

Yes, today was in fact a bad day.  First, work sucks because they are not keeping enough employees in the store to do simple things like cover breaks.  That also means that we end up not getting stuff done because were helping people in other departments.  Today made me just sick of it since I had no one to cover my lunch.  I just went and was lucky we didn't have enough people working to notice. 

Then I am trying to get a comfirmation with a local uhal company since the regional number was busy.  All of them said they were out of equipment and didn't have my reservation that I had made online earlier this week.  Apparently though, they sometimes have locations from outside of your city do the rental and they contact you the day before, so heres hoping.  Also, the final nail in the coffin I went with Kristy to check my balance and she ran my car into the safety pole next to the atm.  She just hit the driver side mirror, but it must have been hard enough to break my window, because thats exaclty what happend.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Last weekend we went to Worlds of Fun. It was kinda fun, until I started getting talked to going on some of the rides. Mainly the ride when your in the boat but its like a swing. I think I went into my "happy place" for the entire ride. It was horrible. Later on though, I did manage to find a ride I liked. The flying duchman, which is basically a spinning swing, was actually pretty fun. I won a Nemo stuffed animal when I played "guess my weight". The guy guessed me to be at 155. He was just a little off as I weighed in at 120.

In other going ons, I have begun playing a new game. Its a war sim but its played in your web browser. It's called Fall of Nations and its pretty fun. It doesn't take much time to play, but you must play often if you want to be any good. Here is a link for anyone that may want to play.