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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Product Review: IZ

This toy is possibly the coolest toy ever.  We had them back in electronics so I got to play with one all day.  At first, I though it was like some IDog.  You know, just kinda moved with your music.  Well, actually it moves and players your music...kinda like an interactive speaker.  It also makes comments on whats being played.  It kept burping at me since I could only play Christmas music in it.  The real fun begins when you take the audio source out.  It contains 7 beats, rhythms, and leads.  You can cycle through them with the ears and stomach.  You also get to control the tempo of whats being played.  Lets just say being able to make my own "mixes" is a lot of fun and can take a lot of time.  Anyway, if your still needing to get someone something gadgety and musical for Christmas, you should check one of these out.