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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Scientist

I thought I would take some time to talk just a little bit about something that I've been thinking about. Big surprise, it is about my major. So Computer Science is in the College of Engineering. Likewise, most people would consider Computer Scientists as engineers. I thought this for most of my college career. Then one day my friend Sam started talking about how he was a Computer SCIENTIST, and not an engineer. So I listened to him and kinda just blew it off at first. Later, I began thinking about it and it did start to make a lot of sense. Engineer work with things and are able to test and modify things. Computer Scientists work with ideas. Sure, software is a thing, but it isn't something you can touch and measure (I know there are ways but not in the sense of a physical object). So I started to see Sam's side but I didn't make my decision on this until I took PPD (see below). First off, Dean Roberts doesn't consider CS students as engineers either. Also, if you look at any other engineering discipline, there is a lot of cross over of classes and concepts. For example my friend Jeff, an ag engineer, had to take dynamics. So did my friend Nick, an architectural engineer. Also, if you think about it civil engineers would also have to take a lot of the same classes. Nuclear engineers and chemical engineers take similar classes as well as some with he first two. Even computer engineers and electrical engineers take a lot of classes together. They are a little more separated from the rest of engineering but it is still really close. Computer engineers have to take a few programming classes and we have to take 1 computer engineering class, but that is all the cross over that there is. We are so separate from the other engineers that we are in a completely different building and the other end of campus. Anyway, the next time you see a computer scientist be sure you don't call them an engineer.


For some reason, I just can't shake PPD. When I checked KATS, I had gotten a B in the class. I wasn't too happy, but oh well. A few days later(this is in May) I got an e-mail they had some problems with assigning grades on KATS. So, I check my grade on k-state online and I had an A. I then called and asked what was going on and was told it would be taken care of by Dean Roberts himself. So a few weeks went by and my grade hadn't changed. I called again and spoke to the secretary. She checked it out and said they were still having some problems and it would be corrected soon. Again, I waited and nothing changed. Today I received an e-mail from Dean Roberts saying, "

Based on a check of all three places we recorded your grade - all are consistent you earned a "B".

If you have questions please contact me in July."

Seriously, WTF is that? First off, if k-state online says my grade is an A how can it be a B in all placed recoreded. Second, why do I need to wait for him to be available in July? It seems that he is trying to get out of admitting a mistake by saying he is unavailable for the rest of the month. At first I though he might be taking a vacation, but who takes a 3 1/2 week vacation. At first I was going to just let this go and take the B so I wouldn't have to deal with this guy anymore. But then I decided that I earned that A and I should get it and not be forced to take a lesser grade because someone doesn't want to admit they have made a mistake. So, my new plan of action is to contact his office during JUNE. I'll play his game, but under my rules. I am going to see what info I can get from the secretary and then see what I need to do to file a complaint about this guy.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I hope everyone enjoys the new googlized layout of the site. Sure, it might be selling out to have the advertising, but it doesn't hurt anyone and I may some day get like $5 from it. Also, I am now using DotPost to create my blogs. It's a litter nicer to use and comes with a spell check which I desperately need.

I'm not sure who all has heard about this but a while back there was this free ipod thing on the internet. Basically, you sign up for the free ipod, then sign up for a selected service(blockbuster, credit cards, diet pills, etc) and then you get x number of friends to do the same thing, and you will receive an ipod in the mail. It turns out this was pretty legit. I never did it but the guy I am subleasing from did and he got one. He also did another of their promotion things and got a free PSP. It actually came here this morning, and it is sitting out in the living room. Anyway, I signed up for it so if anyone wants to get in on this action and help me out as well here is the link so that you can "get under" me.

In other news, it was really hot today. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but this house has no A/C. Luckily, Kristy's mom had an extra window A/C unit, which I am now using. Getting the thing in was a bit of a bitch. It was really hot and the thing was heavy. Also, the windows weren't opening big enough, but we eventually got it in, and now I can reap the rewards.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Long Awaited Update

I've been really busy lately. I am subleasing from a friend of mine for the summer. I also had to help move my fiance out of her house and to her mom's for the summer. I am also working at Kmart for 5 days a week, and only getting around 30 hrs. Although, I must say that the free time is nice, no school work to get in the way of things.

Google is doing this open source programming thing over the summer. Basically, students apply to different open source organizations to program some things for them. If they are accepted and complete the project they recieve $4500. I've already put in a few apps for some projects. I just hope I am chosen, one for the money, and two for something to do this summer besides video games. I know I would much rather do this than work at Kmart, but I got to stick with what is deffiinatly going to be making me money.

Speaking of video games. I have been playing Guild Wars a lot. It's nice having a reliable internet connection now. Although, I have been getting periodic dissconnects lately which is really annoying. I think my wireless connection might be picking up some interfearance.