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Friday, September 16, 2005


I got this new puppy.  Her name is Dolly, and she is a nearly 6 week old red nosed chocolate pit bull puppy.  I got her last week from Salina for $175.  She seems to like it here and craves attention.  She it getting along great with Baby Kitty, but her and Teacup don't get along.  Really Dolly tries to sniff Teacup, but she is always met with hostility so she usually just goes on about her business as though Teacup wasn't there.  I'm working on getting her housebroken right now.  When she does have accidents, I picked up some pretty good pet stain and oder remover.  I haven't taught her anything else yet, since she is too young.  She hasn't quite started responding to her name yet.  I have started bringing her around other animals, mainly dogs, to get he used to being around them.  This way it will help her control herself and hopefully be less animal aggressive.  Pitbulls, despite media attention, are naturally friendly towards people.  She does have a tendency to nibble though and I am trying to break her of that just in case shes ever around people who don't like her.  She also whines when she can't get onto the couch or in the bedroom.  In any event, I think she will turn out pretty well.  There are some pics of her here.