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Monday, October 17, 2005


I have recently come up with a little experiment for myself.  Those of you that know me know that my grades are not the best.  I am more of a B/C student than anything else.  I am starting to feel that my sub par GPA has is hampering my job search.  Now, by no means am I dumb, but I do have trouble applying abstract concepts to solutions.  However, understanding the concepts being presented to me is not typically hard.  So I have devised a little experiment to help me learn.  It must be the Scientist in me. 

I got this idea from a Slashdot Article.  There it a comment a little ways down that describes how a person learns.  Basically, it says that people learn by creating neurons and then terminating the connections between them.  So I have a little theory.  I think that my ability to grasp a concept and the fact that I cannot organize the idea well enough to apply it implies that I am creating neurons without breaking the connections in order to learn.  To remedy this, I propose to start drinking more.  Now, with my busy schedule from taking all CS classes and working 25 hrs a week, I have been skipping out on drinking.  Hopefully this experiment will work...if not at least I'll have a good time. 


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