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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Last weekend we went to Worlds of Fun. It was kinda fun, until I started getting talked to going on some of the rides. Mainly the ride when your in the boat but its like a swing. I think I went into my "happy place" for the entire ride. It was horrible. Later on though, I did manage to find a ride I liked. The flying duchman, which is basically a spinning swing, was actually pretty fun. I won a Nemo stuffed animal when I played "guess my weight". The guy guessed me to be at 155. He was just a little off as I weighed in at 120.

In other going ons, I have begun playing a new game. Its a war sim but its played in your web browser. It's called Fall of Nations and its pretty fun. It doesn't take much time to play, but you must play often if you want to be any good. Here is a link for anyone that may want to play.


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